Garden Of The Great Life

I went to one of the most unique festivals I haqve been to- an urban arts fest in brooklyn, . Lauren Seracene told me she would be there and could put me on the vip list, and that there was free beer and a dance party. Since I was going to New York for the weekend anyway, I figured I would check it out.

While unemployed, Lauren started a non-profit called Bags for the People with her friend. They take old clothing and make it into bags that people can use instead of plastic bags. Erin told me about it when she would see my efforts to use as small amount of plastic bags as possible. I am so happy for Lauren- they do sewing workshops, events throughout the city (including giving the bags out at a farmer's marke, and she is going to Jamaica for a month to bring the project down there (they were invited by the Jamaican government.

So, after what took forever, I get to the fest just as the rain subsides. I thought it was going to be at some park, but in fact it is at a new artist loft called Castle Braid. After seeing Laur and getting a can of brooklyn brewery beer, I strolled around. The music was good, the vendors were affordable andexcellent, and the graffitti getting put up was amazing. It was a half indoor/half outdoor thing in really cool space with a cool, diverse group. One of the vendors was selling these homemade, inappropriately funny magnets&ornaments. I had no need for those, but they were also selling dvd's of the same ilk. I got one. It is gross and inappropriate much of the time (which is what I asked for when selecting). There is a lot of peeing involved, which just bolsters my penis envy. Eventually, Tumie came, the beer switched to Hoegarden, Laruen's sewing machine's went away, and the party began.

Met some cool people, including this chick who made me laugh a lot. I mentioned my new plan I formulated this past week to her. She did NOT like it. The plan was when I get older, like in my 50's or 60's, and am divorced or unmarried, I will switch to being a lesbian, that way it will be easier to find new companionship. Since I am realizing how difficult it can be for a woman who is older to start a new romance with men. Especially with the hwhole double-standard on aging men vs. aging women. This girl, Michelle, she said I absolutely should not and cannot have this as my plan. She said it's fine if I decide to be with women, but to plan on it as a last resort could just paint the future on the wall. I realized she was right- I know about manefesting things. So, my plan, which only lasted 4 days, is not my plan anymore.

So all in all, I am very glad I went to the party. I mentioned to Mark Batty and his wife that they should do a book on the grafitti art in valparaiso, Chile. Basically, the company is a publishing company for urban art genrre... I got this free book that is about a project called the bubble project, which took lots of little white bubble stickers (blank so people could add writing to them) and the stickers were put all over advertisements in New York. I laughed out loud a few times. Especially at the ad of Jennifer Lopez with a bubble coming out of her mouth that read : “I used to smoke crack on the J train”. I mean, she probably didn't, , but I laughed the hardest at that. So the company deals with art and social commentary. I like these things.